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Why are Engagement Rings So Important?

The tradition of asking someone for marriage through exchanging rings between two people. Exchanging rings is a symbolic representation in the form of engagement ceremony, which is carried forward from centuries. Initially the cavemen used to propose by braiding strands out of grass and tie them on to the women’s neck, leg or ankle. But presently, men propose to their ladies with precious stones and metals. But how many of you actually know the importance of engagement rings. In this piece of writing, we will be discussing that why engagement rings are so important. Keep Reading!


  1. To Make It Official: Generally people believe that it is quite necessary to make their engagement official. And whenever you see a person posts, “Finally Engaged” or “Hitched”, it reflects their commitment and love to their partner. It’s a set believe that a person must have a traditional & classic style of engagement ring is she gets proposed for marriage. But in most of the cases, your 2 stone floral engraved engagement ring would double up as the “officially engaged” tag and keeps eyes at your lady love at various places.
  2. Express the Feelings: The best time to propose is when you both feel ready for marriage. At that point of time, you know that whatever you express, that will come directly from your heart. You love a girl, and express it by placing a diamond ring on her finger. Your lady love is sure to have her teary eyes when you go down on your knees. And she just can’t say NO.
  3. Just because everyone does it: Not everyone you see around finds it comfortable in doing something different from the society. A girl might wanted a beautiful ring because many of her friends have the best stones with best metals on their fingers. So, they want a ring to show off and compare it with others. And not just women, even men are not backstairs, when it comes to showing off. We might see men competing against everyone around on Solitaire engagement ring. Well we can’t deny the fact that the aspect of love is there for sure but it’s more likely about doing it because everyone does.
  4. It Conforms to Tradition: When we wear an engagement ring, we call it “ring finger”. But if we talk about Egyptians, they believed the “vein of love” at the top of the ring finger and it gets directly connected to the heart. Diamond has become the international symbol of love and marriage because diamonds are the hardest substance in nature and it get represented as invincible in the ancient Greek times. Well, we have noted these above mentioned points regarding the importance of engagement rings with popular trends like moissanite rings.Vary from person to person it might hold different emotions, but one thing which is for sure that it is the sweetest gesture of love!