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Whether you are a new car owner or you have had your set of wheels for years, maintenance of your car is a must. If your car suffers minor accidents more often, its value will depreciate beyond your imagine. You will not only be willing to get rid of it but will also lose money because of its resale value. If you have no idea about market value of your used vehicle you easily can get free used car valuation online instant with Cash For Cars Sydney without any hassel. Regular maintenance of the car will ensure that you do not get yourself in trouble. Moreover, you can add to the reliability of your vehicle by giving it proper care. 

Engine and car problems can cause many road accidents. Also, not all damages are externally visible. Your car might be suffering more than what is on the surface. If you do not know how to take care of your car and when to take it to the mechanic, we have some valuable tips for you. Read on to know how you can ensure the safety and long life of your car: 


Research tells that many car accidents take place because of faulty brakes. If your brakes are not functioning well, you might have no control over your vehicle. It can cause the most dreadful damages and accidents. Make sure you check your breaks every now and then. Do not forget to check the brake fluids as well. If the brakes seem to be non-functional to any extend, visit your mechanic and get them fixed. You must not delay this repair as you can face serious ramifications. 


If your headlights and indicators are not functioning or the bulbs go off, you are in for some major trouble. Checking your lights is very important to ensure safety when you are driving in the night or in bad weather conditions. To be prepared for such situations, you must keep at least one replacement for each light- headlights, tail-lights and indicators. Do not forget to check whether the warning lights on your dashboard are working. These warning signals are extremely crucial and can tell you what is wrong with your vehicle. Get the warning lights repaired in case they do not work at all. 


This may sound like a small step but is a rather important one to ensure safety and comfort while driving your car. If there are any small obstructions- like leaves on your windshield or pebbles and stones on your tires, make sure you get rid of them before you start your journey. As small as these precautions sound, not taking them might result in bigger problems. Do not forget to check the tread on the tires to ensure that are not too worn out. 


To prevent any road accident, make sure that you clean your mirrors so that you can see everything clearly. Dirty mirrors fail to show you all obstructions and you can get yourself in an accident. Do not forget to adjust them in a comfortable position. You should be able to see each mirror carefully before you hit the roads. 


Most people wait to witness an oil-leak to get their engine repaired. However, you must check the engine properly to avoid any further damage. Make sure you check the engine for the oil level. If the oil level seems low, get it filled as early as possible. In case it turns dark brown, you might need to get it replaced as well. Do not forget to check the brake fluids as well. If you see any leaks and damages on the engine, get them repaired at the earliest to avoid any mishap. 


Do not forget to check the air pressure on your tires regularly. It can cause trouble whether it is too low or too much. Do not wait for your tire to fall flat on the roads while you are driving. It is absolutely necessary to carry spare tires in the back of your car. You must also check whether the spare tires are in good condition. Tires stay in contact with the roads, hence giving them proper care and attention should be your priority. 

Always carry tools and equipment which can help you replace the tires while you are stranded in the middle of the road. You must know how to change your car tires so that you can save your day and prevent it from being dangerous or uneventful. 

If you are a new car owner, road safety guides are something you must sit on. Invest some time in research and reading to know what measures you can take to avoid road accidents and maintain your car for good performance. However, if you are still wary of the perils your car has in store for you, you must not think twice before getting rid of it. A severely damaged car might not be safe enough to take on roads. 

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