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7 Sweatshirt-Style Blouses to have a Casual Look in Winter

If you love winter and want to have a look according to the latest trends; There are garments capable of protecting your body from the inclement cold and stylizing your figure at the same time. An example is sweatshirt-style blouses; These are those types of garments that should not be missing in your wardrobe and you can buy them from Kanye west Merch. On this occasion, we want to offer you some ideas to complement your outfit this season.

1. Titame: Hoodie

It is a hoodie made with cotton, polyester and spandex, materials that give it elasticity and softness. It’s designed with a ribbed collar, hem and cuffs for a better fit.

It is a casual and comfortable model that you can wear with jeans and boots above the knee, combined with jeans or leggings. It is available in several solid colors so that they combine easily according to your preferences.

2. Odosalii: Cross Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt designed with a breathable, soft and elastic polyester and elastane fabric. It features a double cut back and long sleeves with contrasting color-contrasting shoulder seams.

It is a blouse with a casual style ideal to wear in the colder seasons of the year, as it is warm and comfortable. You can combine it with tight pants and high heels or boots so you don’t go wasted.

3. Lainab: Checkered Pattern Sweatshirt

It is a model of sweatshirt with tight sleeves that is made of polyester and spandex, materials that fit comfortably to your figure. It comes in large, medium and small sizes.

It has a plaid pattern that offers a casual style so you can wear it to a party, to work or to spend the coldest days of the year in style, especially if you combine it with heels or high boots to add the touch chic.

4. Unicolor Sweatshirt with Lace

Crafted from lightweight fabric, this sweatshirt-style blouse provides a delicate drop above the knees. Its design comes with a rounded neckline and fitted long sleeves. You can get it in different colors according to your preference.

It has flowered lace in the lower front area that gives it a delicate and feminine air. It is perfect for pregnant women, since it is comfortable, loose and it stylizes the shape of the hips.

5. High Neck Sweatshirt

It is a sweatshirt made with polyester, spandex and cotton material, which provide softness and comfort. It comes with gold buttons to the side with an asymmetrical hem and a hooded collar.

If you want, you can combine it with military style boots to achieve a casual look if you plan an outing with friends or to spend the weekend with outdoor activities.

6. Gadewake: Loose Solid Color Sweatshirt

It is a polyester and cotton model that is ideal for you to stay comfortable and warm during winter. It includes two front pockets and a round neck for a charming style. You can get it in solid blue, red, gray or khaki.

In winter you have the advantage of enhancing your look with different accessories, and what better than a functional sweatshirt that comes with a loose fit that goes well with leggings or tight jeans.

7. Fleece Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is designed with a geometric pattern that combines with buttons on the oblique neck so that you open or close according to the temperature. Also uou can get this Kids see Ghosts Hoodie in different sizes and colors.

It has a soft fabric that combines with a fleece lining to keep you warm during the colder seasons of the year. You just need to add your favorite jeans so that your casual look is complete and modern. In the same way, it looks good with leather gloves to protect your hands.