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What You Should Know About Moissanite Rings Before Choosing to Purchase One

Engagement Rings Direct made using moissanite as diamond substitutes 

Diamonds have come under scrutiny recently due to the often repressive methods by which they are acquired. About child labour and violent diamond cartels that operate throughout Africa and supply the diamond industry, the term “blood diamond” has been used.

Additionally, diamonds are famously pricey, making them unaffordable and difficult to pay off for young couples looking for Engagement Rings Direct. These factors have contributed to the rise in the popularity of synthetic diamond substitutes in recent years.

One of these more well-known alternatives to diamonds is the Moissanite ring. Initially mistaking the stones for diamonds, Moissan later recognised his error, and the stone bears his name.

Although it is obvious why Moissan made the error, the stone is not exactly like a diamond. Choosing moissanite over diamonds has both advantages and disadvantages. Due to its chemical similarities to diamonds—specifically, its nearly identical thermal properties—some jewellers were duped into believing that moissanite was genuinely a diamond when it first entered the market. However, upon closer examination, moissanite is not all that comparable to true diamonds

First, the colour of moissanite is either yellow or greyish. Although it is impossible to make a completely white moissanite ring, this characteristic is most noticeable in direct sunshine.

The next effect is anisotropy. This indicates that the stone possesses doubly refractive visual characteristics, which creates a very unique visual appearance and makes it appear bright. Last but not least, moissanite has a dispersive effect that is 2.5 times stronger than a genuine diamond. While some may view this as increasing the dazzling impression, others may view it as being a touch over the top and false.

The Benefit of Moissanite Jewelry

The biggest benefit of moissanite rings is their affordability; they are far less expensive than genuine diamond rings. Even yet, a decently large and well-cut stone of moissanite can be acquired for less than $1000. Additionally, it is possible to be certain that moissanite was not acquired in a manner that caused the demand for diamonds to decline after the “blood diamond” information surfaced.

You should be aware of all of your alternatives if you’ve been thinking about getting a moissanite ring for your engagement or wedding anniversary.

Although there are many alternatives to diamonds, none of them can accurately and entirely match a natural diamond. There are several alternatives, but one of the better ones comes from a business called Diamond Nexus, which produces synthetic diamonds with real qualities at an astronomically low cost. Some people might opt for diamonds over some of the better diamond substitutes even for the sake of tradition

Numerous solutions available will save you money that you can use elsewhere if you and your significant other are okay with the idea of having a diamond substitute. Moissanite rings are one of the options.