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What to do when you have a Broken Water Main

A broken water main in Toronto is the last problem anyone would want to face. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on what to do when your water main breaks.

Shut the water off

When water freezes, its pressure also rises tremendously. The volume of the water increases by around 9 percent.  The weight of the pipe increases from 40 pounds to 40,000 psi! Pipes cannot bear that much pressure which is why the water main breaks! The break is (most of the times) a result of the weakest area of the pipe targeted. Moreover, you might also have to switch off the electricity. But this depends on the nature of the leak and its location in the main.

Open the tap

Opening a tap or faucet is helpful because it allows any left-over pressure within your pipes to be relieved. You should do this after you close the water main. You can fix the broken main with more ease since opening a faucet makes things a little less complicated.

Consult a plumber

If you’re someone who knows how to fix a broken water main, good for you! But if you have some ambiguity in doing so, don’t fret! Plumbers are here for a reason! So if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, a plumber can always be helpful. A plumber has expert knowledge regarding how to deal with various issues like a broken main! However, there are a few hacks which you should try for yourself.

Clear the leaked water

Do whatever it takes! Get a mop or a bucket and start cleaning! If you don’t do this, the water will continue to spread around your house and soak everything you own! On top of that, it’s better to clean something up before it gets moldy and ruins for good.

Increase the room temperature

Heating the pipes with a hair dryer so that frozen water can melt soon and the flow increases. Along with that, switch your fans on and close the door of your garage because it will help you to improve the water flow.

Open your doors

We would advise you to leave your doors open if you have vulnerable pipes inside your cupboards or even pantries. By opening the doors, you allow more warm air to reach the pipes under the sink too!

Cover the leak with a rubber piece

Placing a piece of rubber on the broken water main reduces water wastage. Cover the broken main and put a clamp on the pipe at the same time.

Before you add a clamp, place a block of wood too

Not everyone has the tools to fix a broken water main. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying!   Use a block of wood as an alternative and place that on top of the rubber piece before you add the clamp. The block of wood is important because it helps to spread the pressure and stops the pipe from breaking. So you don’t always need a plumber!