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How Capable is MetaTrader 4 When Used in the Forex Market?

Since its release in 2005, MetaTrader 4 has remained as the most widely used forex trading platform 15 years after its release. With its different set of applications from trading robots to trading operations, MT4 is without a doubt, the most impressive trading platform for Forex traders.

Considering the span of time that MT4 has been running, this trading platform has been tested for stability and security. This platform even sees malfunctions as a truly rare sight. It is also very flexible since it is not just available for web browsers but also for Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Today, mobile trading is very important since most retail traders also have their own life outside the market. They have corporate jobs to handle and personal space to take care of.

Therefore, having this ability to check your trading accounts through your mobile phones is really very handy and a huge benefit as well. MT4 for iOS is likewise accessible for everyone as long as you have a stable internet connection. The interface is as user-friendly as the web version and it can also be downloaded easily from the Apple Store.

Key Benefits of MetaTrader 4

One-Click Trading

How great is it to simplify your trading activities? With the one-click feature of MT4, the execution of trades is made possible just with a single click. This is particularly a big deal for scalpers and day traders who do a lot of small traders throughout the day.


Traders will want to keep updated on the price movement in the market. But in some cases, they cannot sit the whole day in front of the monitor just to get fresh updates. Alerts can be the best option for you. Alerts in MT4 is a feature that informs users on significant price movement throughout the financial market. To activate this feature, all you have to do is to tap the CTRL+T then the Alert Tab. These features will now be activated.

Technical Analysis Tools

This trading platform offers a wide range of technical tools. It has 24 graphical objects and 30 built-in indicators that are highly customizable. If you are more of a techy trader, then you may want to create your unique and very own technical indicator. This is all possible on MT4.

The platform also provides access to drawing tools such as horizontal lines, diagonal lines, and vertical lines as well as arrows, texts, channels, and other visual elements. Using these tools, you can identify or label all the support and resistance levels, stop loss, entry, and exit as well as take profit points.

Expert Advisors

An automated trading strategy is available in MT4 through Expert Advisors. And since MT4 has an MQL4 programming language, then traders can freely create their very own expert advisors and even customize indicators. Knowing that you can create an indicator and upload it to the platform means that the number of indicators that you can use in the platform is actually limitless. MetaTrader 4 surely stands upon its reputation as the best trading platform for Forex traders.