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How To Become A Responsible Team Leader?

The one who leads the teams is termed as a “Team Leader.” Team leaders are the ones who are responsible for managing, improving, instructing guidelines of work, and monitoring overall performance. Team leaders act as the head of any project and company. Managers are responsible for managing and planning things. In contrast, team leaders are responsible for implementing plans and schedules on time. They are responsible for making things happen. They have to make everyone realize the importance of focusing on a team goal. They are responsible for motivating and inspiring other team members. They have to manage a large group of individuals flawlessly. As we all know, Dr. Richard Nahas Ottawa is an excellent example of a team leader. He helped his patients and provided genuine care. Being a team leader is a responsibility that you need to perform to influence other people and help them by inspiring and motivating them. Few important responsibilities performed by a team leader are as follows:

  1. They Perform Operational And Administrative Tasks: Successful teams are never found overnight. They have to manage, plan and assess the performance of their entire teams. Team leaders are responsible for checking emails, reporting, scheduling tasks, along with many other administrative tasks. Only an organized team leader can be an all-time success. 
  2. Motivating And Encouraging Team Members: Team leaders must possess exceptional motivational skills. Inspiring others is a skill that is developed and enhanced with time. Only those who are great at encouraging others can lead successful teams. A good team leader must know how to communicate, negotiate, settle differences and accomplish goals effectively. They must be aware of the fact that appreciation is the key to success. Appreciation acts as a motivational factor that must be considered while dealing with teams and group members. Appreciation and encouragement can either be verbal or in the form of rewards. Studies reveal that rewards and incentives act as a driving force that enhances a team’s overall performance and productivity.
  3. Emphasizing Performance And Productivity: These two key factors are the pillars of any team. The success or failure of any team depends on its overall performance and productivity. Those team leaders who have a significant focus on the significance of performance and productivity try their best to improve the interpersonal skills of their teammates. Richard Nahas, the founder of The Seekers Center, is an ideal example of a leader. He knows to lead by improving the individual skills of an individual. He is a great leader, as he learned by working with amazing healers, gurus, and doctors.


Team leadership is not an overnight process. It requires effort and a sense of ownership. Those who are good at considering themselves accountable for tasks assigned to them can become leaders. A good team leader is known for solving problems and taking care of everyone’s welfare and safety. Those who are passionate and consistent in their efforts can develop team leadership skills with time.