Laptops: Expectations VS Reality

The use of laptops is increasing in popularity as the world trends towards remote working, and the desktop PC is declining at a similar rate of speed. Consequently, many people are purchasing laptops that can facilitate the requirements of their career as well as their increasing need to travel whilst working. 

People often purchase a new laptop and then find themselves disappointed when they discover that it doesn’t meet their expectations. In this article, we look at the expectations people have when buying a laptop, vs the reality they are faced with when they receive it.

Refurbished laptops

Purchasing a refurbished laptop is the most common way by which people have their expectations defied, with products sometimes not appearing in real life how they did in the product image. Some businesses will display images of shiny, immaculate laptops that are described as ‘like new’, but when you actually receive them you discover they have marks and blemishes all over their exterior casings and run at a snail’s pace. This is why it is essential to shop at reputable, positively reviewed vendors, with an excellent rating on TrustPilot, such as, Cash In Your Gadgets. 

When a company is so highly rated on TrustPilot, you can rest assured that your expectations will line up with reality when making a purchase. This is the single best thing you can do to avoid being ripped off when it comes to buying a refurbished laptop: research the vendor’s reputation first. Your expectations might not only relate to the quality of the product, but also things like the vendor’s commitment to environmental friendliness. Equally, when you shop with a reputable business such as the one previously mentioned, you can be sure that any recycled electronics will be disposed of ethically.

Newly released laptops

Newly released laptops, which are basically the opposite of refurbished laptops, still frequently invite the same problems as each other, which is that they don’t always line up with our expectations. Due to the lack of long-term reviews, people who buy new laptops as soon as they are released find themselves encountering a range of problems that haven’t yet been picked up by people. Drawbacks such as these are typically identified and discussed after the product has been in circulation for a few months, but if you are one of the first people to buy, you will be one of the first people to discover the problem.

This is why a lot of people were asking, ‘where can I sell my Macbook air?’, shortly after its release. The device simply wasn’t meeting the expectations of the users. Not that it is a particularly flawed device, but many people who were expecting a certain kind of laptop had to make the purchase without any knowledge of the reality of the product, due to a lack of reviews. Consequently, a number of people had to buy the product to see if it lined up with their expectations, resulting in a portion of them sending it back or exchanging it.