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Several Reasons You Should Visit Busan 

While busy streets and lights of Seoul attract most foreign tourists, Busan in South Koreais truly a traveler’s paradise because it has a plethora of scenic views andactivities to offer to any type of sojourner. Busan is definitely one of Korea’s greatest travel destinations, boasting great beaches, unique attractions, and a flourishing art scene. What makes Busan an ideal destination for a vacation is that in spite of its being famous as aholiday beach paradise, it also has a score of other picturesque views to provide its visitors.

Aside from its pristine beaches, Busan also has iconic attractions just a drive away from the bay side. In addition, escaping into Busan gives range of tourists—expert backpackers, students having their gap year, or traders taking a break from CFD trading and forex investments—a chance to experience the quaint villages dotting the bay. The grand clapboard housesand wind-swept cottages will make someone think that the place was lifted directly from aShakespearean sonnet. Staying at Busan can help make one’s vacation even morememorable because aside from being close to the sea, one can also visit the Taejongdae Park, which features magnificent cliffs, fabulous ocean views and a lighthouse.

Taking some time off to explore Busan is always one of the recommendedactivities to do when you are in South Korea. One of the best places to visit to better experience its culture is the Seokbulsa Temple which is nestled amid the mountains and offering stunning views. Another temple perched on the shore and overlooking the ocean is the HaedongYonggung Temple. 

Running a few miles just near the beach, the Gamcheon Culture Village, is possibly one of the most fascinating places in Busan that highly deserves a point of its own. In this quirky town, local and foreign tourists alike will find colorful houses and walls splashed with interesting murals.This village is popular among tourists who love to walk and see walls bursting in colors because of its safe streets that pass throughneighboring houses—scenic sights that you would normally miss out on if you are

lazily sitting in your car.

If you are traveling with your friends, whether you are a group of students doing a side trip after watching a KPop concert or CFD trading brokers escaping from your busy work, catching and eating fish is your next best activity asidefrom biking and snorkeling in the sea. You might want to check out the Jagaichi Fish Market, which is dubbed as the largest seafood market in Korea. If you have an appetite for fresh, raw or even live seafood like abalone or octopus, this is the perfect place to visit.You’ll never find yourself hungry in Busan, not when there is an array of street food to choose from like skewered chicken, tteokbokki (rice cakes), tornado potato (skewered potato slices), hotteok (Korean pancakes), and so much more.

If you are traveling with your family or friends, you definitely want them to experience Busan, a Korean destination that exudes a vibe that is different to that of Seoul. It is less rushed and also has a laid-back feel.