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The road tax penalty for delayed tax payment in Kolkata

What is a road tax?

To legally drive a vehicle on the roads across the country, one has to pay the road tax while registering a vehicle- irrespective of newly bought or old. The government uses the road tax as a major funding source for maintaining proper road infrastructure and other travel-related safety measures.

How is the West Bengal road tax payment made?

The vehicle owner must visit the RTO, i.e., Regional Transport Officer, and pay the tax during the vehicle registration. If a person feels convenient paying it online, they must visit the Motor Vehicle Department of West Bengal’s official website and pay the tax online.

How is road tax calculated in the state of West Bengal?

The road tax levied in West Bengal is per Section 39 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. The vehicle registered within the state and travelling on the state’s roads is bound to pay the tax. The West Bengal road tax payment is made on a quarterly, annual, or lifetime basis. 

 Various parameters have to be considered while making the calculations. The factors are engine capacity, seating capacity, purchase date, and vehicle cost. The tax will also be determined by whether it is a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, truck, van, commercial vehicle, or domestic vehicle. In case it is a four-wheeler, its use is also a deciding factor.

Is the tax different for commercially and privately owned vehicles?

Taxes for commercial vehicles are usually higher than domestic vehicles. Commercial vehicles are mostly used as good carriages. Hence their weight is more which acts as a moor factor while calculating the tax.

How to check vehicle road tax online?

To know about your vehicle road tax check online by visiting the Vahan Citizen Service portal developed by the MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT & HIGHWAYS of India. They will be given various options after logging in and click on the “My vehicle details” option. They will have to fill in various vehicle details like the registration number, the full Chassis Number, and the engine number. After verification, they will be redirected to a page that will contain all the required information about the vehicle.

What is the penalty for delayed road tax payments in Kolkata?

The penalty depends on the time for which the payment is delayed. If it is late by 16 days, no fine is levied. However, if the time is more, a penalty is issued. For the period between 16 days up to 45 days after expiry, the penalty is 25% of the tax, after 45 days and up to 75 days after expiry, the fine is 50% of the tax, and if the time exceeds the said time of 75 days, the whole tax is to be paid as a fine along with the actual tax which was to be paid.

Are there any tax relaxation schemes for domestic vehicles?

There is no such kind of tax relief measure. However, if you decide to pay tax in a single transaction, you will not have to pay for the same in the next fifteen years.