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Determining The Cost Of A Chair Lift Installation

If you’re counting on aging in place, maintaining movement and preventing drops ends up being a priority. This concern is strengthened by real-world information, as the National Institute on Aging reports that 6 out of every ten slips happen in the house. Choosing to install a chair lift Singapore system in the home helps significantly minimize that concern, and, with the number of stair lift kinds and arrangements available, discovering one that fits your requirements doesn’t need to be tough.

Elements that can affect the cost of a stairlift setup

  • Are your stairs straight or curved?
  • What is the width of your staircase?
  • How far will the stairlift need to travel?
  • Does your staircase have any landings at the top or base?
  • How much headroom exists under the bulkhead?
  • Will any major fixings need to be transferred to give way for the stairlift?

A straight stairlift is typically more economical as it doesn’t need a custom-made rail to be made like a stairlift for a curved staircase does. Once again it is best to have your residential or commercial property examined by a company agent to ensure the most proper stairlift is identified. Get in touch with us to schedule your free residence assessment.

Standing Stair Lift

A standing stair lift is meant for individuals who have a hard time sitting and standing as a result of discomfort or rigidity in their lower limbs, either due to advanced age, health problem, or disability. This kind of stair lift might include an elevated seat, tilted seat or a “barstool” kind of design that makes rising from a semi-seated posture much easier. Some stair lifts might be created to merely enable you to stand upright. A standing stair lift can be adapted for either a straight or curved staircase and is generally installed with features such as a safety belt, user-friendly controls and the ability to stop on a landing.

Exterior stairlifts

These are basically the same as indoor straight and curved stairlifts, but are made from weather-resistant products so they can be made use of outside. They may be made use of on exterior steps extending to the front door of a home or down to a garden.

Upright ‘through-floor’ lifts

These take you from one floor of your residence to an additional via a hole in the ceiling/floor– for instance, moving straight from the living-room up to the bedroom. The track of the stairlift affixes to the wall surface. They are more typical for mobility device customers who are not able to move securely to a stairlift seat.

They could likewise be an alternative if your stairs isn’t suited for an ordinary stairlift– for instance, if it’s too slim or if it’s a spiral stairs. Upright lifts are one of the most pricey kind to install as they will call for substantial building work to create an appropriate opening, install the lift and make it good again after that.