Shaping a Sound Content Strategy During a Global Pandemic

There is a big elephant in the room right now. In the digital marketing world, we spend a lot of time talking about our work. At this stage, more than other periods in time, there is a need to address something that is happening across the world.

We are witnessing a global pandemic right now. There is a great chance that you’re reading this sitting at home and working remotely. 

In times like these, it is important for professionals in the field to remember two things – remain vigilant and find a way to keep working & improving during these times.

A significant population of the world has been advised and ordered to stay at home and self-quarantine. This means a lot of people in the world are at home with a lot of time to spend doing something. This is where content creators in the digital marketing domain come in. 

There will probably never be a time like this where the target audience has as much time as it does right now. Take India as a case in point. The majority of the population of the country has bee put under lockdown for 21 days. That means many hundreds of million Indians will be at home for the next three weeks.

Marketers can use this opportunity to reach their audiences through a well-planned campaign. In this article, we discuss how the content strategy of a campaign can be shaped during this global pandemic.

Address The Elephant in the Room

Don’t write content without addressing the things that have changed in your audience’s life. There is no point in writing content which suggests a ‘business as usual’ approach. 

Your content should portray the kind of situation your audience is already facing. This build a level of trust and relatability between your audience and the brand you represent. If you can, present solutions to the problems of your audience in this pandemic. If you don’t have a direct solution, even acknowledging the problem is enough to build some level of trust at the very least. 

Write Comprehensive Long-Form Content

This is a time when people are ready to give attention to more content than ever before. Using long-form content to reach such audiences is a great option. 

This means falling back on old email lists and updating old blog posts that fell down the pecking order. Updating long-form content for times like these can help improve search traffic numbers and help enhance the overall fundamentals of the website.

The content strategy for times like these should account for long-form content being created. It is also important to be comprehensive while writing content. Instead of writing ten 1000-word articles on topics from the same main topic, it is better to group them together into one long blog post.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers how a content strategy can be chopped and changed in case of a global pandemic such as the one we’re in right now. 

About the Author – Kavita Kishore is a well-known marketing advisor and consultant currently working for, one of the best & affordable digital marketing institute in Delhi.