Career Advantages with Professional Certifications in 2020

College degrees, Internships, and participation in co-curricular activities are not enough in the modern age to secure a coveted job in any industry, whatsoever. One needs to stand out in the crowd to beat the intense competition in the job market.

A recent study on the significance of professional certifications in the job market, involving 1800 professionals and executives across 91 countries and 24 industries, concluded that 84% of professionals and 97% of executives believe certifications have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Distinct Advantages with a Professional Certification Under Your Belt

An Edge Over Your Competitors

  • It helps you showcase your skillset and commitment to the profession.
  • You get empowered with an added advantage among your peers.
  • Being updated with the latest trends in your industry is always recommended.

Increased Efficiency While Executing on Projects

  • Having acquired a specialised certification at a practising skill can significantly increase your efficiency at work.
  • Certifications do help you build a solid foundation in a specific industry, or job role.
  • Ways in which a professional certification can help elevate your skills include – advanced training, practice-based learning, and coursework.
  • Given that you have cleared the examination to obtain the certification, it means that you will be more effective than others in handling your job duties.

High Remunerations

  • As per a study, online certification programs help make you ask for salaries 20 to 40 percent higher than the average professionals.
  • Earning potential increases considerably with you investing time on learning a new software or language, whilst pursuing a certification course.

Greater Professional Credibility

  • Organizations across the world prefer extra skills over an average skillset. Professional certifications bring just that.
  • Through acquired certifications, you demonstrate your dedication for knowledge-sourcing in the industry you work in.
  • Professional credibility gets built among your peers and higher management that eventually helps you in finding next big career opportunities.

Certifications Keep You Relevant in the Industry

  • One distinct advantage of being certified is that it keeps you a few steps ahead in the competition.
  • Awareness of technological trends and updates on profession intricacies are a couple of benefits, certifications hold for you.

Better Chances of Getting a Promotion

  • During IJPs (internal job postings) within your organization, your peers with a professional certification are better positioned to grab them.

Rise of the Global Certification Industry 

In the wake of the increasing popularity of professional certifications during the last decade, numerous certification-issuing bodies originated to help college graduates and working professionals achieve the optimum in their respective careers.

The largest credentialing companies known today, incepted and flourished in the past ten years. MIT, Harvard University, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Credforce, are some of the big names in the credentialing ecosystem that are active at present.

But what makes Credforce unique is its vendor-neutral certifications valid across 183+ countries. The domains in which it issues professional certifications comprise data science, artificial intelligence, human resources, business strategy, business process outsourcing, private equity, among a few others.

Concluding Thoughts

Being certified can be considered a professional blessing in the current times, amidst intense competition in the job market. The advice would be to gain as many valuable and high-impact certifications as possible.

Best of luck!