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Key Benefits of Having Central Reservation System

Most of you will now say that you actually sell rooms on a daily basis. You have a booking engine on your hotel website and you get bookings there. You also have a nice and fully featured channel manager that offers your hotel rooms to various major booking websites such as Trivago. This channel manager also constantly updates the room availability so you don’t get overbooked and hence unhappy guests. You even have a great Duluth Hotels self service app and hotel kiosk giving your guests freedom to request services and perform tasks whenever they want. All looks good but does it?

No More Booking Mistakes
Having a central reservation system you can manage the core functions of your hotel and website. Hotel booking systems provide an effective mechanism that does not allow two guests to book the same room at the same time, which makes the reservation process more efficient. To err is human and an online reservation system is a must-have for hotels these days. The system can easily distribute your inventories on several OTAs and you can manage them with complete peace of mind.
Never Lose Track of Your Bookings
The solution lies in the successful implementation of a central reservation system (CRS). It will allow you, as well as your hotel personnel, to not only book travel arrangements with guests, but also to view these details across all computers in the same system. This will eliminate booking problems and confusion and at the same time will enable you to see when your busy season is and when people tend to book less often. What’s even better is that even if you have hotels around the globe, you will still be able to connect all of them to a single central web-based reservation system so that you can see how many rooms guests have booked no matter the distance. The best feature of a central reservation system is that it lets you easily keep track of reservations. As a whole, a central reservation system will be of great help and will allow you to make more money and ultimately grow your hotel into something bigger and better.

Get to Know Your Customers
Identifying the buying patterns of your guests can be crucial when developing a better relationship with them. The building blocks of the hospitality industry are mostly services and long-term relationships with guests. Here is why you need a reliable tool and a better system to understand your customers. Make your hotel stand out and provide even more exceptional services to your guests by adding a personal touch to their stay. You can add notes for each guest that says in your hotel in the central reservation system, e.g when’s their birthday, were they on a special occasion there, and send them birthday cards and complimentary pastry to their room.

Key Features and Functions
A reservation software for hotels that is compatible with all kinds of distribution systems offers a great advantage to the hospitality industry:
Less operational cost – hotel CRS can reduce the burden on the management of the hotels. By requiring less work from the front office, your reception staff will have more time to tend to their other tasks;
Make more profit – you can now easily track the reservations made months ahead and feel confident that you will not lose them. The hotel CRS lets you keep track of all the special requests you’ve had from your guests such as food preferences, favourite room. Central reservation software for hotels helps you manage your hotel inventory efficiently and effectively, with this system you are giving your travellers the option of getting the best price when booking through your website.

Customer Benefits
A central reservation system is an effective and time-saving tool. Your guests can take advantage of your special offers and promotions, and add extras to their stay. A booking made through the hotel CRS system is often more economical since you don’t have to pay any commissions to a booking agent, also it is easy to retrieve, change or cancel bookings via the reservation software.