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Chiang Mai Attractions

Chiang Mai is a great jumping off point for a huge amount of amazing day excursions through Northern Thailand. The actions on the top day journeys from Chiang Mai vary a whole lot so here are our favorite ones to assist you. Enjoy our advised side travels and tell us if you have any questions.

Group Travel Or Taxi:

While you is going to be on an organization travel for just about any elephant treks or visits nearby the Golden Triangle, most of our other top day travels from Chiang Mai is seen with an area taxi. The taxis from town are really cheap, specifically for the side journeys that are in a hour of town. Using the Tiger Kingdom as an example you pays for the taxi rounded trip and have them wait around the whole time for you for cheaper when compared to a group travel and you could split the bill among your group.

Chiang Mai tour is recognized as the spiritual capital of Thailand as it opens doors to a complete new different world, that you surely won’t reach witness somewhere else. With attractions like elephant conservation parks and numerous old temples, the places to go to in Chiang Mai are an absolute delight for a myriad of tourists. But which ones in the event you visit first? Well, fret not, as here’s a set of the best sights that may help in responding to your doubts regarding what things to see in Chiang Mai on your next visit to Thailand!

10 Attractions In Chiang Mai YOU NEED TO Visit On Your Next Trip
While there are a great number of places to see in Chiang Mai, these 10 places are ideal for getting near nature as well as your religious self. Take a look!

1. Wat Phra Singh
one of the oldest temples in the united states
Amongst the major highlights of Thailand, are the Buddhist temples. Situated in Chiang Rai, the northernmost island, the Wat Phra Singh is one of the oldest temples in the united states and definitely among the finest Chiang Mai places of interest. Located right under the viharn, is the gold-plated Pagoda, which is a major spotlight of the temple. The white and rare metal area of the composition of the temple was designed in 1385. Also, the clean Thai Lanna style old-fashioned golden motifs add to the décor of the area and offer a splendid sight.

You will want to relax under the shade of colorful umbrellas at the Bo Sang Umbrella Community? Beautifully painted followers and umbrellas are available in this village that is renowned because of its marvelous handcrafted products. In addition, it boasts magnificent area, that may leave you awestruck! It is one of the better places to visit in Chiang Mai if you’re thinking about studying the culture of Thailand and the traditional establishments. A string of souvenir shops is also present along with showrooms as well as workshops, where you can shop till you drop.

Location: Southeast to Chiang Mai, about 14km. Consumer Transport can be obtained.

3. Wiang Kum Kam
the attractive countryside
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Over the Ping River, to the south of Chiang Mai and 5 km away, is the attractive countryside. Located here is one of the very most magnificent what to see in Chiang Mai, the old city of Wiang Kum Kam, which goes back to the Hariphunchai Kingdom of the 18th century. Interesting things such as Mon scriptures on natural stone tablets, pottery, earthenware, Buddhist scriptures, and structures are the major visitors attractions of this place. Without doubt, it is amongst the popular

4. Elephant Conservation Centre

Established in the entire year 1993, the Elephant Conservation Centre is a government-owned organization. They have, since its inception, been a pioneer attraction and is known as among the finest Chiang Mai places to go to. Practically 50 gigantic mammals form the pillars of strength of this place and site visitors are allowed to feed and bathe them too. The elephants may also color and play musical musical instruments, which really is a delight to watch.

5. Kat Rin Kham Night time Bazaar
A lesser-known nights market set alongside the others, that one is more popular among the students. An ideal mixture of everything – food, entertainment, and fun are available here. From food stalls to home décor stores, and salons to tattoo studios, they have everything, rendering it a busy and very popular place one of the local people. Amazing food can be loved here and you could even get some souvenirs at cheap prices!

6. Doi Inthanon National Park
Chiang Mai trips are definitely incomplete without indulging in a few adventure. The recreation area is area of the Doi Inthanon mountain range and is one of the best Chiang Mai sightseeing options. Small and big peaks can be observed here with levels which range from 865 to 2,565 meters above the ocean level. Additionally it is the highest mountain peak in Thailand. You may benefit from the sunrise and sparkling waterfalls here. If you’re visiting during the a few months of January and December, make sure you don’t miss the Siamese Sakura blossoms in full bloom!

7. White Sands of Turtle Island
If you’re still looking for some unique places to see in Chiang Mai, you must visit this white sand island, which owes its name to the resemblance of an turtle nasal area diving towards Koh Phangan, the neighboring island. The island is relaxed and easily accessible. It offers a truly soothing experience to the visitors. The azure waters crashing in the powdery sparkling white sand and the stunning greenery made available from the coconut trees and shrubs list it high amidst the most notable places to visit in Chiang Mai.

8. Lanna Folklife Museum
A fascinating museum exhibiting the culture, history, and the lives of the Lanna Individuals who inhabited the northern Thailand, this place is located inside the old municipal courtroom of Chiang Mai in the old city. After its reconstruction, it started supplying the selling point of a white colonial building which is a perfect attraction for treating the culture vulture within you.

9. Tiger Kingdom
Among the very best places to see in Chiang Mai, this place is a perfect mixture of wildlife preservation with tourism. It allows visitors to get near to the Indochinese tigers of differing size and ages, and also have an event like never before. If you’re looking for some unique experience in Thailand, this is the perfect place to visit with all your family members!

10. Chiang Dao Cave

One of the better things to see in Chiang Mai is also the Chiang Dao Cave. It stretches over the mountains and offers magnificent stalagmite and stalactite formations. According to legends, it also connects with numerous other caves before finally growing outside. Though, only a little part of the cave can be explored.