Why should you sell online courses using mobile apps?

Billions of users online are using smartphones and have access to the internet. On an average, an user spends around 3 hours daily there. That being said, the mobile industry is a massively growing sphere which we can not overlook while trying to grow online. 

1. Being present always on the user’s screen

Brands usually struggle for the client’s attention. With the online attention span being plummeted, it’s not a piece of cake to attract a new audience. However, an easy-to-access mobile app opens up a plethora of opportunities for the user’s acquisition. 

With people spending so much time on their smartphones, an online course app has a far better chance to be always visible. As per published data, Gen Zs spend 20% more time in their mobile apps, as compared to the rest of the population.

We look at our smartphones for multiple times a day, for no particular purpose sometimes. Taking a space in their menu bar would always remind them of your brand & courses. Creating a catchy icon that looks distinctive on the screen works quite well here.

Online course platforms like Spayee provide branded mobile apps along with online course websites. It’s a great place to begin with zero tech headache and affordable budget.

2. More personalization = more loyalty

The online course app allows users to experience a personalised view. They can take a look at their own online course library, bookmarks, and completion status of the course. The personalisation can also be done through mobile push & email notifications. 

Sending a reminder through mobile push or a congratulation message or a new notice helps customers in staying up-to-date with the course material. You can send mobile push notifications through apps or reminders depending on the user’s course. 

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3. Easy to interact with users

Online apps provide educators a personalised and closer way to communicate better with the learners. The two types of messages that exist include push, as well as in-app notifications. Email marketing is a great way too. But, the pop-ups shown on the learners’ device gauges the attention. They are more like the text messages that come directly from the app. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools that increases your in-app conversions.

Platforms like Spayee provide discussion forums on the apps as well.  

4. Apps work faster than websites

Quite understandably, apps perform much faster than usual websites that opens via mobile browsers. Mobile apps are able to store all the users’ data while mobi-sites are required to connect with the web servers. Hence, it usually takes longer, sometimes several minutes to browse through online websites.  

Just so you know, apps usually run on frameworks that are five times faster than ordinary websites.

It’s a great idea to have an app for your online courses. People do interact faster with your course content, as well as, are more satisfied with that. User satisfaction is a key factor that determines sales and conversion growth.

5. Easy to access

Mobile apps are the best and can be accessed easily. The user can literally carry your course content everywhere he goes. When it’s downloaded, a user carries the course content with him throughout his day.

Even when the learner is traveling or trying to sleep or eating, it’s just a tap away. They don’t need a bulky PC to access the web browser and watch the online course lectures. 

Mobile apps are one stop solution and are convenient for many reasons. While making your lectures mobile friendly and uploading it on your app would keep the constant motivation in check for your learners.